Are you a Snapchat user who is having a few questions about the app? Are you asking the question, “Can someone hack your Snapchat by adding you?” Then look no further because we have every single answer you need concerning this question in this article!

Snapchat users are very interactive and highly interested in adding friends since it helps in skyrocketing their snap scores and many others. Some users have met real-life friends on Snapchat so adding someone on Snapchat and someone adding you on Snapchat is more of a norm you cannot underestimate on the app.

However, Snapchat users are more concerned about their privacy than just adding and being added by friends on the app. Most of them do not want to fall prey to hackers just because they were added to Snapchat by an individual.

When you add a friend or a friend adds you and you add him or her back, the next thing is that you either start sending the friend streaks, snaps, pictures, and or videos from your camera roll as well as viewing each other’s Snapchat stories among others.

Can Someone Hack Your Snapchat By Adding You?

This is what usually puts one’s privacy at risk since it involves sending information to someone you may know or not. The friends you make on Snapchat may not necessarily be people you know and mostly it happens with most Snapchat users.

Some Snapchat users are very particular about who they add to their Snapchat because they do not end up regretting someone on Snapchat and sharing data with the person. Cybersecurity has been very important in dealing with applications like Snapchat and hacking has been on the rise too so everyone is kind of vigilant now.

Therefore for the sake of hackers and very suspicious people you may add back as friends on Snapchat, you may be wondering can someone hack your Snapchat by adding you. Trust we are definitely not leaving this particular question unanswered! Trust the best answers in this article to fully satisfy your quest.

What Happens When You Add Just Anyone on Snapchat?

The Snapchat app like other social media platforms is a means to interact with friends and even meet new people across the globe. That is why you have the chance to add and unadd friends on Snapchat depending on your description as an individual user of the app.

On Snapchat currently, you have the chance to add recommended people you may know. These are mostly people who are on your phone contact list. That is why it is mostly recommended that you link your Snapchat account to your phone number and allow Snapchat access to your contact list.

Not only do you add friends to your contact list through the recommended people feature on Snapchat, but you may also be given the chance to add mutual friends on Snapchat or people who share common interests with you on the app, among others.

All these enable you to add to your friends list on the app in order to perform your day-to-day Snapchat activities effectively to perhaps escalate your Snapchat score or find the app more interesting than always. But when you add just anyone on Snapchat for that purpose, is it recommended? Definitely no and let us tell you the reason.

Due to how Snapchat’s adding of friend feature has been made, anyone can just add you as a friend on the app either by search, by mention, or by the recommended friends feature. Well, it is definitely your choice to perform the various activities on Snapchat with the person or not since adding back that friend is the only means to do that.

Snapchat as a largely used social media platform has its privacy at risk and there are a lot of hackers and bot accounts who have taken advantage of the Snapchat add friends feature to tap into the privacy of many Snapchat users.

It is imperative to know that a lot of Snapchat users have already made reports of not being able to access their accounts only because their accounts were hacked by unknown people. Little did they know that most of these hackers got access to their accounts just because they added them back on the app.

There are various hackers, spam accounts, and bots that are all over the app sending friend requests to a lot of Snapchat users out there. This has put the privacy of Snapchat users at risk and the Snapchat app itself. The moment you add these people back, you have risked your privacy as a Snapchat user!

That is why we will advise and definitely not recommend that you just anyone on Snapchat. You may end up trading your willingness to make friends on Snapchat with your privacy as a Snapchat user. Now let us answer the million-dollar question in the next subtopic. Just continue reading!

Can Someone Hack Your Snapchat By Adding You?

Yes, you can get hacked on Snapchat by adding someone. There are several spam accounts and bot accounts as well as accounts with suspicious people behind, and hacking accounts on the Snapchat app. For the sake of Snapchat’s privacy policies, it is very difficult for them to hack you unless you add them back.

Your account is exposed to a privacy breach as soon as you add a random person who may have a suspicious real account on Snapchat or a bot.

The Quick Add feature on Snapchat that most users use to add more friends just to expand their friend list and to boost their snap scores by having more friends to their Snapchat, is actually doing more harm than good.

We advise and highly recommend that as a Snapchat user who is more concerned about your privacy on the app, you should find every random person who adds you on the Snapchat app quite suspicious. You should be very careful who you add back and who you send a friend request to on the app for the sake of hackers.

Can Someone Hack Your Snapchat By Adding You?

What Shows Your Snapchat Has Been Hacked?

As stated earlier, Snapchat like all other social media platforms is not highly safe from hacking by suspicious people although it has not received a massive hack since its emergence. Several Snapchat users have reported their accounts being hacked over the years and the symptoms of a hacked Snapchat account is the purpose of this section of the article.

The following are the signs of a hacked Snapchat account that every Snapchat user should definitely take note of just in case you realize that.

1. Unusual Activity

The very first thing you should notice when your Snapchat account gets hacked is when your account begins to perform activities you know you did not undertake. The hacker will begin to use your account as if it were theirs and the account will start performing activities that are very unusual to you.

The user will either start posting new or different stuff on your profile or story, start sending different snaps on his or her side or do things that you do not know of. Other things on your profile may be changed or certain things you sent to someone may be deleted. Other users have made reports like, “Someone hacked my Snapchat and saved pictures” and this is a true example of that.

The moment you realize things have changed when you access your account again, you should know that your Snapchat account has been hacked, in other terms, “compromised”. It may either be your settings changed or your Snapchat username changed and if you are not fortunate your Snapchat password.

Immediately you realize the several changes your Snapchat account has undergone after the last time you logged into your Snapchat account, you should become highly suspicious and determine the unusual activity which is a major factor to aid you to recover your account if possible.

2. You Always Have to Authenticate Your Snapchat Credentials

Snapchat always sends the “Oops! we couldn’t find matching credentials” and ask that you authenticate your Snapchat credentials (logging-in information), whenever they recognize a suspicious user trying to access your account before you are allowed to access your Snapchat account.

Usually, if you log into your Snapchat account on a device, it keeps you logged in and does not request that you authenticate your Snapchat credentials whenever you try to access the account. Therefore receiving messages from Snapchat to authenticate your credentials every time you try to access your account, is highly unusual.

When this happens, then you should know that someone else is accessing your account whenever the person logs into your account, you get logged out from your own account and they take over since two people are not allowed to access one Snapchat account at the same time.

For that matter, if you are lucky and the user doesn’t change your Snapchat account password, you will always be made to authenticate your Snapchat credentials before you are allowed to log in to your account. If the user changes your credentials then it will definitely be damage to you accessing your account once again.

Therefore to know that your Snapchat account has been hacked by another user, you should become very suspicious whenever Snapchat recommends that you have to authenticate your credentials before they allow you to log in to your own account.

3. New Unknown Friends Added to Your Friends List

When you log in to your Snapchat account and you realize that there have been new friends that you know you did not add yourself, then you should be very suspicious that your account has been compromised. The hacker may add new friends to your account that you may not know and probably add themselves to your Snapchat friends list.

Therefore upon checking your Snapchat friends list and you realize it has increased including people you do not know you added, then you should know that your Snapchat account has been compromised for that matter.

So you should not hesitate to check your friends’ list to see if it has new people in the list, whenever you become suspicious about your Snapchat account being compromised.

4. Your Mobile Number and Email Address of Your Snapchat Changed

Since you use your mobile number or email address to authenticate your Snapchat account, they are usually at risk when someone hacks your Snapchat account.

This is because the person tries to turn your Snapchat account into his or her possession completely and your mobile number and email address linked to your Snapchat must be changed before that happens.

Therefore we advise that whenever you find something suspicious with your Snapchat account, you should not hesitate to check your Settings to verify if your mobile number and email address of your Snapchat remain the same.

5. Receiving Alerts of an Unkown Person Logging into Your Snapchat Account

If someone logs into your Snapchat account from a location or device unknown to Snapchat, they find it suspicious and notify you via email notification, about an unknown person logging into your Snapchat account.

Therefore you should pay attention to the email o your Snapchat so that whenever you receive a notification concerning someone logging into your account from a different location with an unknown device, you will know that your Snapchat account is in the process of being compromised.

Snapchat will always send you an email notification whenever they find out that suspicious activity and it will depend on you to confirm whether you are the one or not. Since you are not the one, you must immediately decline to prevent the individual from having access to your Snapchat account.

How Do I Protect My Snapchat Account From Hackers?

Now that you know how to recognize when your Snapchat account gets hacked especially after you have added an unknown person, it is necessary to know how to protect your Snapchat account from hackers since prevention is definitely better than cure!

Now the following are the best ways to protect your Snapchat account from being compromised:

1. Do not Add Just Anyone to Your Snapchat Friends List

We have informed you of how dangerous it is to your privacy as a Snapchat user if you add strangers to your Snapchat friends list. By either adding or adding back someone you know nothing about, you are exposing your account to privacy breaches that may go against you in the long run.

In order to be safe from these Snapchat bots and spam accounts, you must keep your Snapchat account as private as possible by not adding people you do not know to your friends’ list. You should try as much as possible to add only your friends or people you know on other social media platforms.

This will definitely complicate things for any malicious person who wants to compromise your account by adding you as a friend on Snapchat. If you are able to prevent this, you have your question answered and your account definitely protected if you go by this!

2. Turn on Two-Factor Authentication on Snapchat

As we already stated earlier, your Snapchat account can be logged in by just anyone since the individual has your Snapchat login credentials. That is where the two-factor authentication on Snapchat becomes a necessity.

Making sure that the two-factor authentication is activated on your Snapchat account is a basic necessity as a Snapchat user as far as your privacy is concerned. Two-factor authentication enables you to protect your account aside from your normal Snapchat login credentials.

Follow the steps below to enable the two-step verification on Snapchat:

  1. Launch the Snapchat app on your Android or iOS.
  2. Login to your Snapchat account by inserting your Snapchat login credentials.
  3. Tap on the ghost icon at the top corner of your profile page.
  4. Tap on Settings.
  5. At Settings, scroll through and tap on “Two-set Authentication”.
  6. Tap on “Continue”.
  7. Tap on either “Text verification” or “Authenticator app”.
  8. Now, follow the instruction to be given to enable the two-factor authentication on Snapchat.

3. Beware of Malicious Links

A lot of social media users have had their accounts compromised because they deliberately or mistakenly tapped on certain links created by malicious people who ended up getting their account credentials and hacking their accounts.

Snapchat users are no exception and you may fall prey to these hackers if you just tap on any link. As a social media user and a Snapchat user for that matter, you must be very careful about malicious links in emails, messages, or other social media platforms that may end up destroying your social media account.

Therefore it is very imperative to take note of this in order to keep your Snapchat account protected as well as other social media platforms you find yourself on, do not use just any link for any unknown reason.

4. Set Up a Strong Password for Your Snapchat Account

In order to keep your account highly protected it is recommended that you set up a strong password for your Snapchat account. Setting up a strong password for your Snapchat account prevents your account from being hacked by just mere guessing or mere addition of alphabets or numbers.

You can use upper and lower case letters, symbols, and numbers (eg., Design246 or @*#&*&/). You can also choose to mix the letters with the number and symbols (eg., design246 or @#designD).

To set up a strong password on Snapchat, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the Snapchat app on your Android or iOS.
  2. Before inserting your current Snapchat credentials, tap “Forgot password?”
  3. Now select how you want to reset your password via email or SMS.
  4. A verification code would be sent by Snapchat to the email or number linked with your account.
  5. Enter the verification code and tap on “Continue”.
  6. Enter your new strong password (eg., design246 or @#designD).
  7. Confirm the new password and continue to use it to log in to your account.

5. Update Your Snapchat App

The Snapchat app usually fixes bugs and its security system from time to time. Therefore it is very necessary to update your Snapchat app to get the latest version of the app. This will enable you to get rid of bugs that leave your Snapchat security very very weak.

To update your Snapchat app to improve security, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Close all apps running in the background including the Snapchat app.
  2. Go to the Google Play store or App store on your device
  3. Search for Snapchat in the search bar
  4. Tap on Update to update the app.
  5. Check to see if the app has been updated successfully and relaunch the app
  6. After launching the app, check if you still face the issue with your Snapchat credentials not working.

You could also choose to reinstall the Snapchat app instead of updating it to get the latest version. To do this, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Close the Snapchat app on your phone
  2. Long press the app till a sub-window shows and tap on uninstall
  3. After successfully uninstalling the app, go to Playstore (for android users) or App store (for iOS users)
  4. Search for the Snapchat app in the search bar.
  5. Tap on the install section to download the latest version of Snapchat on either Playstore or App store.
  6. Launch the app, and check if you still have an issue with your Snapchat storage.


It is very necessary to know that when you add unknown people to your Snapchat, they can hack your account through that. Therefore your question has been completely answered that someone can hack your Snapchat by adding you.

We are pretty sure you have now found a remedy to your question with the Snapchat app. Therefore you should not hesitate to check out this article any day to find better answers to the question, “can someone hack your Snapchat account by adding you?”, and know the reasons that caused you to beat yourself over the issue.

This article gives you direct guidelines on how to prevent someone from hacking your Snapchat and know to recognize your hacked Snapchat account in the comfort of your home.

Look for detailed highlights on the answers to the question, “Can someone hack your Snapchat account by adding you?” in the article anytime you encounter such an issue.

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