Found that you can’t download TikTok videos anymore? This can be really frustrating as downloading TikTok videos is supposed to be a simple process of clicking or tapping on the download video icon.

In some instances, you simply cannot see the download button anymore. With this, even when you tap on the share button, the download option won’t appear either. The “Save Video” button won’t be visible.

This also implies that when you share the video with your friends, they won’t receive it as a video file, but as a mere link to watch it.

In some situations, however, you can see the download button anyway, but the TikTok video simply won’t download. Other users too have reported that they can’t save TikTok videos with the TikTok app.

In any case, you may likely wonder how to resolve the issue of TikTok videos not downloading.

In this article, we will explore the problem of TikTok videos not downloading, and the possible reasons that can account for that.

Why Can’t I Download or Save Videos on TikTok?

“Why won’t TikTok let me download videos?” If you have asked this question, then you’re far from alone. Many other TikTok users have been confronted with the same issue.

Here are some reasons that could account for why you can’t download videos on TikTok.

1. The Creator has Disabled the Download of the Video

TikTok has settings in place that enables Creators to make decisions regarding the download of their videos by users. On their Video Downloads page, TikTok clearly spells out this policy.

Hence, content creators on TikTok can either turn video downloads on or off to enable you to download their videos or otherwise.

Since the downloaded videos can be kept offline on the devices of whoever downloads them, these creators apparently have reasons why they restrict you from downloading their videos.

Hence, if the download button is not visible on any particular video, there’s a likelihood that the video has been intentionally restricted by the creator.

This goes to say that, it will be almost impossible to be able to download such videos the usual way of downloading videos on TikTok.

In such instances, you may have to resort to alternative methods to download TikTok videos that are not downloadable.

3. You Have Internet Connectivity Issues

The status or strength of your internet connection, to a large extent, determines how some apps will behave towards you.

For instance, a weak internet connection can cause TikTok liked videos to disappear or TikTok profile pictures not to show.

This can be especially true in this instance, where you are dealing with videos. Unlike text and pictures, videos require a measurable strength of network signal to display or download.

Hence, if you find that you can’t download TikTok videos either on the app or on the web version, the strength of your internet connection can be a leading cause.

2. TikTok’s Servers are Down

Like any other app, TikTok’s servers or systems can face occasional server downtimes. If their servers are down, most if not all of the functionality of the app will be negatively impacted, leading the app to malfunction.

Hence, when you realise that you can’t download videos on TikTok, one of the reasons could be that TikTok’s servers are down.

4. Your TikTok App is Out of Date

App developers roll out newer versions for a good reason. They improve the functionalities of the software and fix known bugs for their app to work seamlessly.

If there is a current issue regarding the download of TikTok videos, chances are that the developers have noticed this and worked on it.

When your TikTok app is up to date, you can be sure that such issues have been fixed. It also means that if you are currently contending with problems saving TikTok videos, another issue could be the cause.

5. You’re Facing Caching Issues

Cached files are essential in making your app work faster.

However, there are instances where cached data could interfere with the seamless working of the features of an app. Here, TikTok is no exception.

This implies that the build-up of cached files and data in your TikTok app could be a factor causing your videos not to download.

You would discover how to clear the TikTok app cache in the troubleshooting steps below.

How to Fix “Can’t Download or Save TikTok Videos”

1. Improve your Internet Connection

Your network’s strength could be the reason you are not able to save the TikTok videos. To ascertain if this is the cause, you have to test it out. Thankfully, there are tools you can use to check this.

In this post, we will explore how to use two of these online tools to test your internet speed.

One such website is Simply log on and wait while your internet speed is determined.

can't download TikTok videos - test your internet connection

Another website you could use is Speed Test by Ookla. To use this tool, visit and click or tap “Go.” In just a few seconds, this tool provides you with details about your download speed as well as your upload speed.

can't download TikTok videos - test your internet connection

If you determined from any of the above tools that your internet connection is extremely weak or not strong enough, you can take steps towards improving your network’s strength.

These methods have proven helpful:

  • Alternate between mobile data and Wi-Fi.
  • Turn off your router and turn it on again.
  • Turn on airplane mode and off afterwards.

After testing and improving your internet connection, log in to TikTok and try downloading the video again.

2. Check TikTok’s Servers

Is TikTok down at this moment? You can check this to be sure.

There are online tools that can help you to find out. These tools are able to provide you with the status of popular sites – in real time.

One such site is Down Detector. Go to their website and search for “TikTok.” On this page, you can clearly see whether TikTok is working or is down, either generally or in your specific region.

Can't download Tiktok videos - check whether TikTok is down

Another server status tool you can use is Is The Service Down?

It also provides information about service outages and reports made by other users and at specific times within 24 hours.

how to fix can't download TikTok videos (TikTok is the Service Down)

If TikTok’s servers are down, then there is nothing you can do to fix it. You will have to wait till this is fixed by TikTok.

3. Update or Reinstall TikTok

If the problem of TikTok videos not saving is due to bugs in the app, it’s likely that it has been or will be fixed in the latest version.

Apparently, any version you have except the latest version will still have those issues.

In this regard, check if there’s any pending update of the TikTok app and update it.

To update your TikTok app,

  • Launch Google Playstore or Apple Store.
  • Search for “TikTok.”
  • Tap on Update.

An alternative method is to reinstall TikTok.

To troubleshoot using this step, it is vital you first add the TikTok video to your favorites. With this, it becomes easier to locate the video and download it afterwards.

To uninstall and reinstall TikTok:

  • Long-press on the app and select “Uninstall or Delete.”
  • Install the latest version of TikTok from Google Playstore or the App Store.
can't download TikTok videos - uninstall and reinstall TikTok

After installation, log in to your account, locate the video and try saving it again.

4. Clear Cache of the TikTok App

If you cannot save TikTok videos from the app, it can be due to cached files lagging in the app. In this case, clearing the cache can be a quick fix.

Here’s how to clear the TikTok app cache

  • Go to Settings on your phone.
  • Tap on “App Management” then proceed to “App List” to see a list of all apps.
can't download TikTok videos - Clear cache
can't download TikTok videos - Clear cache
  • From the list of apps, select TikTok and choose Storage & Cache.
  • Tap on “Clear cache and clear data.”
can't download TikTok videos - Clear cache

5. Reach out to TikTok Support

If you applied all the above troubleshooting steps and yet the TikTok video downloading issue persists, it’s probably time to contact TikTok.

TikTok has a provision for this right in the app.

To contact the TikTok support team and report the video saving problem:

  • Open your TikTok app. Go to your profile by tapping on your profile icon (at the bottom right corner).
  • From your profile, tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner.
  • Tap on Settings and privacy.
  • Scroll down to the Support & About tab and tap Report a Problem.
  • Locate Videos and sounds under the “Topics” tab.
  • Proceed to tap on “Saving Video” then tap “Saving video.”
  • Choose “No” under “Is your problem resolved?”
  • On the next screen that appears, tap on “Need more help?”
  • At this point, provide clear and specific information about the fact that you can’t download TikTok videos.

Something along these lines can be helpful:

I am unable to save some videos even after troubleshooting several times. The videos are currently in my favorites. I will appreciate any information and a fix of the problem, if possible. Thanks

Hit “Submit” and patiently wait on TikTok to help resolve the video not saving issue.

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