Cloudways free trial is one of the most amazing benefits of Cloudways hosting.

One thing that Cloudways is known for is that they have partnered with top cloud providers in the industry to enable you to benefit from the power of Cloud hosting from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Discover in this post how to get a 3-day free trial for your website.

Cloudways provides managed cloud hosting services. They also offer a wide range of cloud servers for you to choose from.

Cloudways provides its customers with a simple interface to manage their cloud servers.

It offers different packages for customers who want to host different websites on their servers.

It also provides a dashboard with real-time data including traffic, CPU usage, disk space, memory usage and more.

Cloudways is cost-effective when it comes to pricing because it doesn’t have any hidden costs. Their free trial requires no credit card to get started.

What is Cloudways Free Trial?

Cloudways free trial is a web hosting service by Cloudways to use their cloud servers to host your websites for 3 days with no credit card required.

This will enable you to see how well their services work for you before subscribing to them.

During your free trial, you get unrestricted access to a dedicated server for free.

This server is as fully functional just as the one you would have paid for.

You have the preference of a cloud provider such as Google, Amazon, Digital Ocean, Linode and Vultr.

You also have the option of choosing the size of your server in terms of disk space and RAM size as well as the location of your server.

How to Get Cloudways Free Trial

To get Cloudways free trial, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit Cloudways Website

Log on to Cloudways’ website and click on “Get Started Free”.

Cloudways Free Trial

Step 2: Sign up for the Free Trial

You can sign up on Cloudways with your Linkedin, Github or Google account.

Alternatively, you can sign up using your email, name and password.

For the section “I would best describe myself as,” you may choose any which fully describe what you do in the online space or otherwise choose “other businesses.”

Provide other information as required, tick the box in agreement to their terms of service and privacy policy and click on “START FREE.”

Cloudways Free Trial - Sign up

Step 3: Verify Your Account

To be able to deploy a server and use Cloudways, you have to verify your account.

Hence, at the account verification page, click on “verify account” or “start now” to get started.

Cloudways Free Trial - verify account

Verify Phone Number: Enter your phone number and click on “send SMS” to start the phone verification process.

Cloudways free trial - verify phone

A verification code will be sent to your phone. Enter the code to verify your phone number.

Verify email: The last verification process is the verification of your email address used for the Cloudways free trial sign up.

At this point, check your inbox for an email from the Cloudways team asking you to “Activate Your Cloudways Account.”

Cloudways Free Trial - Activate email

Click on “Activate Account” to complete the verification.

Now, account activation is complete.

Step 4: Launch Your Server

If you are directed to the Cloudways “Partner Application” page, you may simply ignore that page.

Instead, navigate to “Servers” to deploy a server.

Click on Launch Now.

Cloudways Free Trial - Launch a server
  • In launching a server, you are required to install an application on the server. This could be WordPress, PHP, Laravel or Magento. I will choose to install WordPress.
  • After choosing your application, give it a name, name your server and name your “project,” which enables you to group your applications or websites.
  • Next, select a cloud provider among the options of Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, AWS and Google Cloud. Each cloud provider has its own pricing.
Cloudways free trial - launch a server
  • Select a server size. You can always upscale when the need arises. If you are just starting out or you are migrating a website with low traffic, you can choose the least server size.

The least server size has 1 GB RAM, 25 GB SSD disk space, 1 TB bandwidth and 1 core processor.

  • Click on LAUNCH NOW after selecting your desired server size.

Cloudways’ Notable Features

Cloudways has a great variety of hosting features, which every user should know about.

Some are basic features that are available with all plans

  • Developers can create, upload, and deploy their apps on Cloudways with the help of one-click application installations.
  • Choose your cloud server from top cloud providers in the industry
  • Easily manage your servers from an intuitive dashboard.
  • Host unlimited websites on a single server.
  • One-click upgrades and scaling tools.
  • Create staging environments for your websites
  • Pay low monthly fees for your server
  • Optimal performance and speed
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Take automatic backups and restore with one-click
  • Clone your websites with one-click
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • 24/7 support through live chats

You can take a look at all of Cloudways’ features and benefits in our honest Cloudways hosting review.

Cloudways Free Trial FAQs

How does Cloudways compare to other hosts?

Cloudways offers a wide range of hosting features and tools all accessible from a single dashboard, making it easy for developers, bloggers, and businesses to manage their sites.

It is an easy way to manage your cloud servers and websites through one single dashboard.

Cloudways provides a wide range of features that enable users to have a powerful and reliable hosting experience.

It offers various features that can be used by different types of users depending on their needs.

The features include a free 1-click install, a fully customized control panel, and an optimized cloud infrastructure.

It provides cloud hosting services to its customers with the help of its global data centres spread across different countries.

Cloudways is the best hosting platform for people who are looking for high performance, flexibility and affordability.

Is Cloudways fast?

Yes, Cloudways is known for speed. Cloudways offers a system that optimizes your website’s speed by leveraging Varnish, Memcached, Apache, Nginx, Redis, PHP-FPM, MariaDB for databases, and Solid State Drives, in addition to cooperating with industry-leading cloud providers.

You are able to deploy your own cloud server and hence you do not share resources with other users. As a result, it becomes easier to manage your website without worrying about downtimes or slowness caused by heavy traffic on your website.

Why is Cloud Hosting Better than Shared Hosting?

Cloud web hosting is a type of hosting where the data is stored on servers in a cloud environment. It has seen rapid growth because it offers several benefits that traditional web hosting does not. This has many advantages such as improved security, stability and reliability.

Cloud web hosting is an alternative to traditional web hosting, which uses local servers to store data. The main advantages of using the cloud are:

Scalability: Cloud-hosted apps can scale from single machines to tens of thousands without any changes required in the software configuration or hardware upgrades. This makes it easier for developers to manage their apps and maintain them over time.

Cost efficiency: Cloud-hosted apps require less physical infrastructure and storage space than traditional ones, meaning less capital expenditure and operational expenses for every machine that needs to be set up, while at the same time being more flexible.

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