Have you noticed a decline in your followers on TikTok? Does it seem like you are randomly losing followers on TikTok? Is it ruining everything you have been working hard on? Well, you are in luck because here is the right place for your headache to be resolved.

TikTok has become a big social media platform that has millions of active users all around the world today. If you are a content creator on TikTok, amassing a huge number of followers is critical to your success. Even with a personal account, it is great to have a huge number of followers.

If you have started losing followers on TikTok, there could be a number of reasons why. Here in this article are some reasons why you are losing followers on TikTok and step-by-step guidelines on how to fix the problem.

 Does TikTok Remove Followers?

Yes, TikTok does remove followers. For good reasons of course. TikTok may remove some of your followers when it realizes that some of your followers may be using fake accounts.

There may also be TikTok users who are underage. Such profiles are taken down by TikTok and that may lead to a decline in the number of your followers.

Why has TikTok Deleted my Followers?

Why has TikTok deleted your followers? Well, a number of reasons account for that. Here are some of them.

1. Underage Users Are Being Banned by TikTok

Previously, a good number of accounts were created and used by people who were underage. Now, all accounts that belonged to underage users have been shut down. By underage users, we mean users who are twelve years old and below,( thirteen years for South Korea and Indonesia ) according to TikTok’s policy.

So If you do realize that some of your followers have been deleted, well, it could be that those nosy underage users who have been following you on TikTok all this while have finally been blocked or banned.

2. Inactive accounts are being closed.

A lot of accounts that have been inactive for a long period of time are being closed down by TikTok.

This means that if you have a certain number of followers and some of them have been inactive for quite a long time, even up to a year, you are most likely to lose them, as TikTok goes through the process of closing down inactive accounts periodically.

3. The Problem May Be You

You may see a significant drop in your TikTok followers because, well, you are not as active as you used to be. You are not posting as much high-quality content as you used to.

The hard truth is, you may have lost a lot of followers because a lot of your followers are losing interest in your content. You may have also changed the type of content you deliver, hence the loss of your precious followers.

What to do if You’re Losing Followers on TikTok

There is no need to panic just yet if you see a decline in your followers. There are some great actions that you can take that can help bring back your followers and help you to even get more followers. The following are some actions you can take:

1. Be consistent in Content Delivery

TikTok’s algorithm rewards consistency. As a content creator, it is important to be delivering high-quality content on a regular basis. It is also advisable to find a niche that works for you and your followers and stick to it.

Changing content all of a sudden can lead to followers losing interest in your content. For instance, a creator who presents content on cooking may lose followers if they are to shift to music or gaming.

2. Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are what help TikTok users to be able to find your videos, especially on the For You Page. Using hashtags that do not correlate with your videos reduces the likelihood of viewers finding your videos, hence affecting your number of followers.

What to do if you’re losing followers on TikTok
How hashtags look on TikTok videos

In a comedy video for instance, like the one above, common hashtags that can be used are #comedy, #standupcomedy #jokes, etc.

3. Have Regular Interactions with Followers

It is important to have regular interactions with your followers in order not to lose them. This can be done by holding live sessions and replying to the comments of followers regularly.

TikTok Removing Followers – Conclusion

It is normal to sometimes ask questions like, “Why am I randomly losing my followers on TikTok?” or “Why did my TikTok followers disappear?” It could simply be because TikTok is closing down the accounts of some of your followers for being underage or for not abiding by certain TikTok policies.

It could also be that you have not been delivering as you used to and both TikTok and your followers are losing interest. Solving this issue largely depends on you.

If you are willing to be consistent in delivering content and be actively involved with your followers, you should see real improvements in your followers.

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