Are you having difficulties with your Whatsapp application on your phone because you have the issue of your WhatsApp calls not ringing or your WhatsApp calls not ringing when the device is locked?

It has always been fun hearing from your family, friends, business counterparts, customers, and people all over the world through a common social media app that connects all of you no matter where you are.

Despite all the extraordinary communication features WhatsApp has over all other social media apps, it is still prone to a few issues that users encounter.

Such issues WhatsApp users face are sometimes exempted to specific phones and they come in questions and concerns like:

  • Why are WhatsApp calls not ringing on iPhone?
  • WhatsApp calls not ringing on android
  • WhatsApp calls not ringing Samsung
  • WhatsApp calls are not ringing on Apple watch.
Whatsapp calls not ringing

Sometimes the issue comes when the users find WhatsApp calls not ringing when the device is locked or WhatsApp calls not ringing when the app is closed. This usually happens when someone tries to call you through WhatsApp call and they only see “calling” instead of “ringing”.

This may cause you to beat yourself wondering why you can’t be reached urgently through the WhatsApp call. Sometimes you only come back only to meet a lot of missed calls on WhatsApp that you didn’t see or hear any alert for.

Whatsapp calls not showing
iPhone WhatsApp calls not showing

But worry no more as we find you the best of reasons and the best of remedies to the issues you are encountering with WhatsApp calls not ringing.

Reasons for WhatsApp Calls not Ringing

It is important to know as a Whatsapp user that most of these issues we face using Whatsapp are self-inflicted and therefore we can easily find solutions to them without having to beat ourselves for simple glitches. 

Per our observations using the app and the issues many users have, the suggested reasons for WhatsApp calls not ringing are as follows:

  1. Poor network connection.
  2. Outdated version of the device you’re using to access the app.
  3. Outdated version of the WhatsApp app you are currently using.
  4. WhatsApp cache or data.
  5. The WhatsApp system is down.
  6. Wrong communication between the device and the WhatsApp server.
  7. WhatsApp account blocked by the receiver.
  8. WhatsApp account blocked by WhatsApp.

How to Fix Whatsapp Calls not Ringing

1. Ensure the Phone is not in Silent Mode

One of the very ways you can miss a WhatsApp call is when your phone is on silent mode. On the regular, if you miss a call, then the first thing you have to check is whether your phone is on silent mode or not.

If your device is on silent mode, you definitely won’t get a notification from incoming calls and messages as well. To do this, turn on your device’s volume to a limit where you can hear when someone calls you.

Do this on android by pressing the volume button up.

For iOS users, make sure to turn off the silent mode by pushing the mute switch forward towards the screen gently, till you realize it has clicked.

To be sure that your phone is no longer in silent mode, check if you can see an orange line. After doing this, there should be a pop-up on your phone to tell you silent mode is off.

Turn off iPhone Silent mode

2. Enable Background Refresh on Your WhatsApp

Most of the time we do not receive WhatsApp calls or even messages when the background refresh feature of WhatsApp is not enabled. It is a feature that permits WhatsApp to use your network to fetch new data even when you are not accessing the app.

If that option is disabled, then you stand a very low chance of receiving new messages or even voice calls on WhatsApp. Use the options below to do that as an android user:

  1. Long press and hold the WhatsApp app icon
  2. Tap on app info in the sub-window that follows
  3. Tap on Mobile data & Wifi
  4. Enable the Background data option
  5. Try to receive a WhatsApp call.

3. Ensure Do not Disturb is Off

You might have accidentally turned off the Do Not Disturb button on your phone which automatically stops you from receiving calls from another WhatsApp user. If that happens, then you will obviously face the issue of WhatsApp calls not ringing.

To fix this as an iOS user, open the Control Centre and ensure that you have turned off the Do Not Disturb button. As an android user, you must as well scroll down your status bar and make sure you turn off the Do Not Disturb button.

This fix option is strongly advised as it will help you receive WhatsApp calls from other users and prevent the issue of WhatsApp calls not ringing on iPhone or WhatsApp calls not ringing on android.

4. Check Whatsapp Notification Settings

Many a time, your WhatsApp notifications may not have been set right. Hence, leading to WhatsApp calls not ringing. When the call notifications are restricted so that it does not receive alerts, it actually prevents you from receiving WhatsApp calls.

It may either not allow alerts or call notifications when the device is locked. You have to check and find out if you’ve actually set your WhatsApp notification right.  This will enable you to receive WhatsApp calls even when WhatsApp is closed on your android or iOS. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch WhatsApp on the device
  2. Tap on settings
  3. Tap on Notifications and make sure that your settings are correctly configured.
  4. Try receiving a WhatsApp call to know if it will ring.

You can as well check your WhatsApp notification settings by doing it via the settings on your phone. Follow these steps to check that:

  1. Launch the WhatsApp application on your phone
  2. Search for WhatsApp and tap on notifications
  3. Turn off the allow notifications if it’s on and turn it back on.
  4. Under the alert option, tick all the options including Lockscreen, notification center, and banners
  5. Also, turn on the sounds and badges option and ensure you Show previews to always.
  6. Try receiving a WhatsApp call to check if your WhatsApp calls ring on your iPhone.

For Android users, you can use the following steps to do that:

  1. Launch the Settings app
  2. Select apps and notifications
  3. Choose WhatsApp and tap on notifications
  4. Switch off all notifications and turn them back after waiting a while.
  5. Try receiving a WhatsApp call to check if your WhatsApp calls ring on android.

5. Reset WhatsApp Notifications

To curb the same issue under checking WhatsApp notifications, you can also choose to reset the WhatsApp notifications. This will automatically set all the WhatsApp notifications back to default.

This can be done using the WhatsApp application. All unwanted configurations will be reverted and your WhatsApp calls ringing will be turned back on, giving you the remedy to your issue. To do this, use the steps given below:

  1. Launch the WhatsApp app
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select notifications
  4. At the notifications area, tap on reset notifications and settings
  5. Tap on reset again when there is the following pop-up.

6. Check Internet Connectivity

As a Whatsapp user, you must check and make sure that you have enough internet connection to access Whatsapp. When you lack a strong internet connection gives you very little or no chance to receive calls. Make sure you’re connected to the Internet and try again to receive a WhatsApp call

To rectify this, you should not hesitate to check the strength of your internet connection and this can easily be done by using to check how fast or slow your internet connection is.

After checking the strength of your internet connection and you realize you are having a speed of your network ranging below 3Mbps, then you should find your internet connection very problematic.

You, therefore, have to either connect to a stronger network connection or upload your network server with enough data allocation. After this try receiving a WhatsApp call so that you can verify if you still face the issue of WhatsApp calls not ringing or not.

7. Check if the Whatsapp System is Down

It is not always that WhatsApp-related problems are self-inflicted. This is because there are general glitches that happen in the systems of Whatsapp, which causes all users to get stuck accessing the app.

This may happen when you are trying to send and receive messages as well as call or receive calls on WhatsApp. It happens once in a while but if you are unfortunate and it happens, you may not be too sure if it’s actually just you or a general problem.

For that matter, you should not hesitate to check using Down Detector to check if the Whatsapp system is actually down or not. Search for “WhatsApp” on the software and check if they serve you with Instagram outage reports in your area.

Aside from this, you can also check Twitter or Facebook to find out if there has been an official communique from WhatsApp concerning their app malfunctions.

8. Clear the Whatsapp App Cache and Data

Many a time these issues we face such as the Whatsapp calls not ringing is as a result of glitches caused by the app cache or data on the device. It may also be a result of browser cookies and data. Below is how to clear the Whatsapp app cache.

  1. Close the Whatsapp app on your phone
  2. Long press the app till sub-window shows and tap on the app info
  3. Scroll down to look for storage and tap on it
  4. Go down to tap on the clear cache to clear the Whatsapp app cache
  5. Go back to relaunch the app to check whether the issue has been resolved.

9. Restart Your Device

After clearing the app cache if you still can’t receive WhatsApp calls on android, then you should try to reboot the phone you are using to access the app.

Restarting the phone may be a solution to curb Whatsapp calls not ringing as there could be technical glitches hindering the calls from ringing.

With this issue, turn off the phone using the turn off button and turn the phone on again after the phone has been totally switched off. You can also simply use the restart option to make it easier to reboot the device after the automatic restarting of the device when it has been turned off.

After rebooting the phone, relaunch the Whatsapp app to identify if you will still wonder why WhatsApp calls not ringing.

10. Contact WhatsApp Support Centre

All of the above options on fixes for WhatsApp calls not ringing are possible ways to resolve the issue and therefore if you still find it very worrying to face the challenge of WhatsApp calls not ringing on iPhone or apple watch, or WhatsApp calls not ringing on android.

After going through all the processes highlighted above, then you should not hesitate to contact the WhatsApp Support Center. They aid you to find a remedy to the issue in the best way, answering questions like, “why are WhatsApp calls not ringing on android? or “Why WhatsApp calls not ringing on iPhone“.

Visiting the WhatsApp site to seek help from them will be the best and the farthest you can go to curb the issue of WhatsApp calls not ringing after all.  You can do this by contacting them on the app, using the steps below:

  1. Launch your WhatsApp and go to your Whatsapp chat page. Tap on the three horizontal buttons at the top right of your WhatsApp page and go to Settings.
Whatsapp settings

2. Tap on Help on the WhatsApp settings page.

3. After choosing Help, then you should tap on Help Centre, where you can report problems.

4. After choosing Help Centre, then you should report your problem of WhatsApp calls not ringing on android, and they will reply to you in a simple WhatsApp message in a short while to respond to your issue.

Fixes for Whatsapp Calls not Ringing (Conclusion)

You should not hesitate to check out this article any day to find a better solution or options on how to fix WhatsApp calls not ringing, and know the reasons that caused you to beat yourself over the issue.

This article gives you direct guidelines to fix the issue and know how to go about that in the comfort of your home.

As highlighted in the article already, it may mostly be a result of your internet connectivity, your android or iPhone being on silent mode or an outdated WhatsApp app among others.

Look for a detailed highlight on how to fix your WhatsApp calls not ringing in the article anytime you encounter such an issue.

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