Affiliate marketing is a great way for anyone who has their own product or service to make money. There are many different types of affiliate programs, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into before you join any.

We’ll be looking at the best recurring affiliate programs so you can make sure you’re getting the right type of program for your needs.

What to Look for in an Affiliate Program

In every recurring affiliate program, there are a few things you should look for, but if you’re unsure where to begin, the following checklist may be helpful:

  • Does the affiliate really provide a chance to make money?
  • Is it simple for me to start?
  • Does the affiliate provide a clear payment schedule and compensation structure?
  • Am I happy with their help and customer service?
  • Is their website user-friendly, and do their website and blog offer educational FAQs, helpful resources, or both?
  • Is it simple for me to make my payments?
  • Do they provide any more marketing services that I may use, such as PPC ads or social media promotion?

What are the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for Beginners in 2022?

You would do better as an affiliate if you promoted recurring affiliate programs run by businesses with excellent retention rates.

This will undoubtedly guarantee that the client keeps using the service and that you keep getting paid each month.

In this post, you’ll find a list of the top affiliate marketing programs with recurring commissions.

1. Cloudways Affiliate Program

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting company. They offer outstanding tools to their clients so they can benefit from cloud hosting without any effort and have the greatest performance possible for their websites.

Customers at Cloudways select a cloud hosting company and manage their cloud server using a straightforward and effective dashboard.

This makes it simpler to market because they can increase the performance and speed of their clients’ websites.

A one-time payout per referral is offered by Cloudways, and it can be worth up to $125.

They do, however, also have a recurring commission plan that pays $30 upfront plus 7% lifetime commissions for each referral.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - Cloudways Affiliate Program

Using their affiliate earning calculator, you may estimate how much money you can make from a particular amount of affiliates.

With so many features and reports available, the Cloudways affiliate dashboard makes it easy for you to thoroughly comprehend your performance.

With the help of the Cloudways affiliate program, I have made a little over $1200 in affiliate commissions over the last few months.

I also have $1400 in pending affiliate earnings that will be paid out once they are approved.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - Cloudways Affiliate Program.

When referred clients pay two monthly invoices, the Cloudways affiliate program will approve your affiliate revenue.

2. PDFLiner Affiliate Program

You can edit and distribute PDF documents online using the effective and user-friendly PDF application known as PDFLiner.

Users can create PDF files, edit them in various ways, sign, annotate, and convert them to JPG formats with PDFliner.

Affiliates of PDFLiner earn a 40% commission on all initial sales and a 20% lifetime recurring commission for every client you bring on board. Once you have earned at least $100, you will receive your payout.

Best Recurring Affiliate Program for beginners - PDFLiner

They also give their affiliates marketing materials and a coupon code for 15% off.

Every day, individuals, students, and business owners handle PDF documents, and PDFLiner can be a truly helpful tool for dealing with anything PDF.

As a result, you can increase your monthly recurring affiliate revenues by promoting PDFLiner to a large audience.

3. Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

A drag-and-drop website and sales funnel builder called ClickFunnels. Businesses benefit from the automation of their sales process.

Clickfunnels has more over 108,000 active users as of August 2021. Their monthly recurring commission rate is between 20% and 40%. They also hold a contest for the dream car.

When you reach a total of 100 active ClickFunnels users while still earning your monthly recurring income, you’ll be qualified to receive your dream car.

The monthly cost for Clickfunnels’ cheapest pricing plan is $97. So, for one referral, their 40% monthly recurring gives you $38.8.

You can make more than $3,800 in passive monthly income from the Clickfunnels affiliate program for 100 total referrals.

Over $100,365,342 in affiliate commissions have been paid out by ClickFunnels as of the time this article was written.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - Click funnels

Almost any business owner who wants to make sales online will benefit from your promotion of Click funnels. This comprises, among others, bloggers, network marketers, coaches or consultants, authors, freelancers, small business owners, and affiliate marketers.

The Clickfunnels Company also offers additional beneficial products and programs you can sell in addition to their sales funnel builder.

Books like Expert Secrets, DotCom Secrets, One Funnel Away Challenge, and Traffic Secrets are included in this.

4. Kartra Affiliate Program

Kartra is an efficient sales funnel tool and all-in-one marketing platform similar to ClickFunnels for managing an internet business.

It offers business automation tools including membership portal builders, shopping carts, email marketing integration, and landing pages.

The affiliate program for Kartra is free and comparatively simple to sign up for. For each individual you suggest, they will give you a monthly recurring commission of 40%.

Additionally, they provide you with 10% recurring second-tier commissions. As a result, you also receive 10% of every referral that one of your affiliates makes.

The $99 Kartra starter plan offers you an earning potential of $3,900 per month for 100 referrals and $39.6 for each referral.

5. Jasper Affiliate Program

Jasper AI is a copywriting assistant that produces original content for copywriters and content producers.

Your audience will actually be able to produce content with artificial intelligence effectively thanks to this. You receive a regular 30% commission for life through the Jarvis affiliate program.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs -

Anyone who signs up using your referral link will immediately receive 10,000 additional credits, which may encourage them to get going.

You can anticipate a monthly income of roughly $24,000 for every 100 referrals.

They also grant you access to a marketing swipe file with official videos, emails, commercials, and social media postings that you may use to advertise the program once they accept you to be an affiliate.

5. Kinsta Affiliate Program

Kinsta is one of the most reputable managed WordPress hosting providers in the industry. One of the top recurring affiliate programs is offered by Kinsta. Referrals can earn up to $500 in addition to 10% recurring monthly commissions for life.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - Kinsta Affiliate Program

Additionally, they provide an affiliate earning calculator that asks you to estimate the potential earnings you could expect from each of their pricing options.

Kinsta will be appealing to businesses and websites with lots of website traffic. One of the best web hosting affiliate programs is offered by Kinsta.

The affiliate cookie period for Kinsta is 60 days.

6. GetResponse Affiliate Program

Getresponse is a reputable tool for creating landing pages and sales funnels in addition to email marketing campaigns.

You have a choice between two payout choices from GetResponse: a one-time commission of $100 or a recurring commission of 30% for each sale generated through your referral.

You can market GetResponse to start-ups, small businesses, nonprofits, and any other type of company that engages in internet marketing.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - GetResponse Affiliate Program

GetResponse is also one of the best email autoresponders for affiliate marketing. This means you can capitalise on it for your own affiliate marketing campaigns.

7. TubeBuddy Affiliate Program

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that helps YouTubers increase their viewership and subscriber count by giving them tools to swiftly enhance their videos.

With the help of its sophisticated keyword research tool, producers may discover the most popular YouTube searches and choose relevant titles and tags for their videos.

For each sale you make, TubeBuddy offers recurring commissions of up to 50%.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - Tubebuddy Affiliate Program

Your application may be immediately approved if you apply to join the TubeBuddy affiliate program.

8. Teachable Affiliate Program

With the help of the online platform Teachable, anyone can design and market online courses and coaching services without necessarily needing any specialized technical knowledge.

Currently, the site has more than 100,000 creators. To content producers who want to make money off their knowledge, you can recommend Teachable.

You receive regular monthly commissions ranging from 30 to 50% for each referral.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - Teachable Affiliate Program

Teachable uses Impact, a well-known affiliate network, to run its affiliate program.

Each month, Teachable pays out more than $1000 to several affiliates.

Cookie duration: 90 days

9. NordVPN Affiliate Program

As you may already be aware, a VPN service conceals your IP address to safeguard your internet connection and online privacy.

Millions of people already use NordVPN on the internet, making it one of the most reputable and well-liked VPNs in the tech sector.

You can earn between 40% and 100% for a new sign-up, depending on the subscription package the clients you suggest them to opt for.

You will also receive 30% recurring payment for each renewal.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - NordVPN Affiliate Program

10. Builderall Affiliate Program

Builderall is one of the best sales funnels since it provides a variety of templates for every niche.

It includes everything from website design, social media app development, email marketing, and sales funnel management to online payments and blogging. Builderall is one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive digital marketing platforms.

With a 100% commission from the customer’s initial payment and a 30% recurring commission, which is about standard for any affiliate program, Builderall has a very successful affiliate program.

In addition, Builderall offers recurring 30% commissions on affiliate referrals’ sales (2nd tier commissions).

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - Builderall Affiliate Program

You can transfer this commission into either your Wallet account or your PayPal account. Additionally, Bitpay and Paymentwall also offer Bitcoin and Euro payment options for Builderall affiliates.

11. Rytr Affiliate Program

Rytr is an artificial intelligence (AI) writing tool and content writing assistance.

It may be used to write sales copy, blog articles, Social Media ad text, S.E.O. title and description, emails, and descriptions for YouTube videos quickly and precisely.

For as long as the customer uses the product, Rytr pays recurring commissions of 30%.

Rytr can help bloggers, copywriters, authors, YouTubers, and digital marketers create material more quickly while earning some serious cash.

The Rytr affiliate program pays you when you reach a minimum revenue of $100. Everyone can use it, and since they provide a free trial, it is simpler to convince them to try it so you can get paid when they upgrade.

12. ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program

A marketing tool called ActiveCampaign assists companies of all sizes in increasing their lead and sales generation.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs - ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program

With an intuitive platform for managing all of your contacts, email lists, social media updates, and content, the business specializes in email marketing and automation.

ActiveCampaign will pay you at least 20% of the subscription cost for each customer you refer to them.

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