Have you been wondering as a Snapchat newbie or even a frequent user who still wonders if your Snapchat score goes up without opening snaps? Then join me as we go through the best answers to this question.

One feature of Snapchat that a lot of users really monitor is their Snapchat scores. They really do everything possible, especially sending snaps every day, to satisfy their willingness to have their snap scores increased.

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That is a very interesting thing about Snapchat users but many users still have questions hovering in their minds whenever they access the app.

Most of these users are actually curious to know how best they can increase their snap scores. It is the quest by several Snapchat users can your Snapchat score go up without opening snaps? that has influenced this article, ready to satisfy your curiosity as a Snapchat user.

Several questions that Snapchat users including you have asked on several platforms include the following:

  • Can your Snapchat score go up without opening snaps?
  • Can your snap score go up without opening snaps?
  • Does your snap score go up without snapping anyone?
  • Does your snap score increase without opening snaps?

One fact we cannot hide from you is that there are several hacks many users actually use in order to increase their Snapchat scores. We are ready to take you through the various ways you can increase your Snapchat scores but the question, “Can your Snapchat score go up without opening snaps?”, shouldn’t be left unanswered.

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How does the Snap Score Actually Work?

The Snapchat score is actually one feature of Snapchat that can be seen next to your username on Snapchat. Your Snapchat scores are actually seen in digits and it is only an accumulation of all the various activities you perform on Snapchat as an active or even an inactive user.

With this said, your Snapchat score involves the number of snaps you have sent personally and received from other users, the stories you have added among other activities you perform on the social media platform.

So this is how Snapchat scores your activities on the app:

  • You receive one point for every snap you send to other users. The funny thing is, just one snap sent to every other user on your Snapchat will still earn you just one point.
  • You receive six points when you resume your Snapchat after being away from the app for some time.
  • You receive one point when you post a snap on your story. So for every snap you post on your story, your snap score increases by one point.
  • You receive points for adding friends who actually add you back.
  • You receive one point for opening an unread snap of your friend on Snapchat.
Snaps on Snapchat

Activities that do not earn your snap scores on Snapchat:

  • Texting friends on Snapchat does not earn you any Snapchat score. As many messages you send on snap do not affect your Snapchat score in any way.
  • Viewing Snapchat stories also does not increase your snap scores in any way.

Well, as a Snapchat user, you may want to start accumulating your snap scores by the number of snaps you’ve sent to friends, the number of snaps you have posted on your story the six points you’ve gained after resuming Snapchat, and you will still not get the exact score you may be expecting.

This happens because Snapchat actually has other secret algorithms they use to score your activities on Snapchat that you may never know. You can reach out to support.snapchat.com to know more about this.

Can Your Snapchat Score Go up Without Opening Snaps?

As said earlier, you may still be wondering as a snap newbie or even a frequent snap user if your snap scores can increase without opening snaps. Actually, the answer to this question you’ve always asked is “Yes” and we will give you the reasons why this happens.

Your snap scores can actually go up without opening snaps because opening snaps is not the only way to increase snap scores on Snapchat. Your Snapchat scores can be increased when you have unopened snaps but you send a couple of snaps, add friends who add you back and send snaps on your story.

For all these activities that you do on your Snapchat account that earns you points even without opening snaps, your snap score actually increases. They accumulate and make your Snapchat scores increase.

There is also one thing you should know whenever you open an unread snap, your snap score actually goes up. You receive one point on your snap score after you have opened an unread snap.

So for the sake of increasing your snap scores intentionally, you can do what has just been mentioned, by opening unread snaps as soon as they arrive and you receive them. Doing this will beef up your profile as a Snapchat user.

Another way your snap score increases is also when you send snaps on your Snapchat story. This is one very interesting way your Snapchat scores can be increased. You just have to be sending snap scores to your Snapchat story almost every time.

When users view your snap on your story and they tap on it, they can view your snap now and that also helps to increase your snap score. So as much as users are viewing your snap stories, you are also earning more snap scores.

Can My Snap Scores Decrease?

One frequently asked question by a lot of Snapchat users is if their snap scores can decrease. Actually, this question comes to the fore when the Snapchat user realizes that he or she has been very inactive o the app and does not do the usual sending of snaps and sending stories to increase snap scores.

I guess you should take a long breath now because your snap scores actually do not decrease in any way. The fact is that no matter the period it takes you when you are very inactive on snap, your Snapchat scores will never decrease.

When you are inactive for even a long period of time, your Snapchat scores will only maintain till whenever you are back. Actually, we have informed you that even when you stay away from the app for some time and you resume the app, your snap scores increase by six points.

We have made you aware of all the factors that affect your Snapchat score and staying inactive from the app is not one of the factors necessary to bring down your Snapchat score.

Your Snapchat scores only maintain in other situations such as when you add friends on snap and within 48 hours, they do not add you back.

Another major factor you should know, that does not help your Snapchat score increase is when you have a lot of friends you have followed but you do not receive any snaps from them. Your Snapchat scores will definitely not boost if you are experiencing this.

Therefore, since you now know your snap scores can never decrease, you should rather put in efforts to make it healthier rather than maintain the scores. Ways to improve your snap scores have already been discussed in the previous paragraphs and you can skyrocket your snap scores in that manner.

You can also consider sending a lot of streaks on Snapchat by using the various filters on Snapchat. You can streak friends and engage their streaks to increase the snap scores.

How Do I Increase My Snapchat Score Very Fast

Do you want to increase your Snapchat scores very rapidly than usual? That is not too much of a big deal and it is actually possible.

Unlike other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter where third-party apps can be used to increase followers and likes on their profiles, Snapchat prohibits that. For that matter, you should fight yourself to increase your snap scores without any short cut or hacks which will actually affect you in the long run.

We do not say there are no Snapchat third-party apps that help to increase snap scores. There are actually many such apps across the internet but it may only be a regret when Snapchat finds out you are using a Snapchat third-party plugin or app to increase snap scores.

The chances that you will lose your Snapchat account permanently because it will be blocked is very high so we recommend that you do not pay attention to third-party apps and plugins of Snapchat that claim they have the capacity to skyrocket your snap scores.

You can Increase your Snapchat scores rapidly by doing these:

  1. Send many snaps: One of the fastest ways to increase your snap scores is by increasing the number of snaps you send every day. These snaps can be either images or video snaps. As much as you can send snaps any time you get the chance. You could try about 30 to 50 snaps in a day to increase your snap scores since you earn one point on every single snap you send.
  2. Open unread snaps from friends: You should also consider opening unread snaps from friends. When you do this, you earn snap scores and they will surely open and engage with the snaps that you’ve sent, and that will definitely increase your snap scores.
  3. Send Snaps on the story: You should start using the story feature of Snapchat as best as you can in order to increase your snap scores. Try updating your friends with a lot of snaps on your story and the more they view your stories and com t your snap, you will surely see an increase in your snap scores.
  4. View Snapchat Discover videos: You should not hesitate to view discover videos on Snapchat. When you are able to upload and view discover videos, it will increase your time on the app and give you more chances to engage contents that will actually increase your snap scores.


We are pretty sure that your reason for visiting this supportive website to know if your snap score can increase without opening snaps has been answered correctly. Therefore you should know that your snap score can increase without opening snaps just that it will not increase as you are expecting.

In this article, we have given you reasons why your Snapchat scores can actually increase even when you have unopened snaps. We have also informed you about how your Snapchat scores cannot decrease and how your Snapchat scores can actually increase more rapidly than ever.

Therefore do not hesitate to hit this site whenever you have issues concerning your Snapchat scores.

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